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Note: This is a partial index, including abstracts of all talks from 2008 through the present and some others going back to 1995. Additional talks will be added as time permits.

Abstracts of Talks at meetings by Speaker, Date, and Title

SpeakerYear & MonthTitle
Abbott, Lon2012-01, Jan.Rates of Quaternary Landscape Change in the Eastern Grand Canyon
Abbud-Madrid, Angel2006-02, Feb.The MIST Experiment on the Space Shuttle Columbia: Fighting Fire in Microgravity
Ager, Thomas1996-09, Sept.Rediscovering Lost Worlds: Climate and Ecosystem Changes in Alaska and Yukon Territory During the Past 20 Million Years
Alumann, Dianne2001-09, Sept."Water, Water, Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink": Possibilities for Microbial Life on a Gas Planet
Anderson, Donna S1998-09, Sept.Stratigraphic Cycles and Controls Within a Continental Basin-Fill Succession in the Hornelen Basin (Middle Devonian), Western Norway
Andrews, John1997-03, Mar.Evidence for the Collapse of Large Ice Sheets: Past and Future
Andrews, Sarah2002-04, April"Geology goes Hollywood" and Other Public Perceptions of Geoscience
Atkins, Dale2001-10, Oct.Avalanches and Their Impact on People and Industries
Bader, Jeff2009-02, Feb.Structural and Tectonic Evolution of the Douglas Creek Arch, Northwestern Colorado:
Implications for Petroleum Accumulation in the Uinta and Piceance Basins
Bakker, Bob2005-04, AprilBack to the Jurassic: Shedding New Light on Local Dinosaur Heritage
Balleweg, Ken2019-02, Feb.Geology and Mining History of the Beulah Marble Deposit
Barclay, Tom2015-04, Apr.The Search for Earth-like Planets
Barkmann, Peter2013-11, Nov.The Joys of Mapping Northwest Colorado Geology: Subtleties, Slides and Snakes
Barkmann, Peter2016-12, Dec.South Park: Recent investigations by the Colorado Geological Survey carry on a legacy of geologic mapping in a fascinating setting
Bartlett, Albert A1999-03, Feb.Arithmetic, Population, and Energy
Bartov, Yuval2006-09, Sept.The role of lake levels in oil shale distribution
Becker, Don2015-03, Mar.
A 30-minute video: the C.H. Birdseye USGS surveying expedition down the length of the Grand Canyon, Aug 1 – Oct. 19, 1923, and
Documenting changes in the landscape and glaciers of Glacier Bay National Park by recreating historical photography
Becker, Don2019-04, Apr.Kilauea’s 2018 Eruption - New methods and perspectives for monitoring volcanic eruptions
Benjamin, Stan2013-03, Mar.Ash in the Wind: NOAA Development of Global Atmosphere-Soil-Vegetation-Ocean- Earth System
Forecast Models Including Volcanic Eruptions
Benton, Tyler2008-11, Nov.Soil respiration following pulse precipitation events in a semiarid grassland
Berry, Karen2018-04, Apr.The present and future of the Colorado Geological Survey
Birkeland, Peter2009-10, Oct.Family Tree of Soil - Geomorphic Work in the Colorado Front Range and Piedmont
Birkeland, Peter W.2010-09, Sept.Late Pleistocene-Holocene Stratigraphy of Rock Glacier Debris Mantles, Mt. Sopris, Near Aspen
Bottke, Bill2011-11, Nov.Forming the Planets: What’s New with the Oldest Events in the Solar System
Brigham-Grette, Julie2017-05, MayToo Warm, Two Poles: How Past Interglacials Should Inform Future Coastal Policy
Brooks, William E.2011-03, Mar.Georg Petersen (1898–1985): Mining and
Metallurgy in Ancient Peru
Brown, Timothy R.2009-05, May3D Modeling and Visualization in the Cripple Creek Mining District
Brown, Wesley2018-02, Feb.How the 1859 Gold Rush put Colorado on the Map
Burke, Ingrid C.2008-11, Nov.Soil respiration following pulse precipitation events in a semiarid grassland
Burnell, James2009-09, Sept.Resource Constraints on Alternative Energy Development: An Update
Burnell, Jim2008-10, Oct.Resource Constraints on Alternative Energy Development
Bywater, Sharon2008-11, Nov.Late Miocene through Pliocene evolution of the Angastaco basin (NW Argentina): Implications for the tectono-climate evolution of the Eastern Cordillera in the late Cenozoic
Caine, Jonathan Saul2010-05, MayBrittle Structures and Inheritance in the Central Front Range of Colorado
Caine, Jonathan Saul2010-05, MayStructural Analysis of the Idaho Springs-Ralston Ductile Shear Zone: Reinvestigating Hypotheses of Inheritance from Proterozoic Structures in the Central Front Range of Colorado
Carroll, Chris2013-01, Jan.2013 Update of Wyoming and Colorado Coal Industries, Geology, and Coal Resources
Casadevall, Thomas J.2009-02, Feb.LUSI - Long-lived Mud Extrusion near Surabaya, Indonesia
Chapin, Charles E.2008-05, MayInterplay of tectonic and oceanographic/paleoclimate events during middle to late Miocene sedimentation across the southwestern U.S.
Clyde, Will2018-05, MayFrom Snowball Earth to the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum: Lessons Learned from Earth System Extremes
Coe, Jeff2010-02, Feb.Debris Flows in Colorado
Cole, Jim2012-03, Mar.Complex Uplift History of the Front Range deduced from the Synorogenic sediments in the Denver, Cheyenne, North-Middle and South Park Basins, Colorado
Daniel, J. Harrison2008-05, MayWhen mining was king of the mountains -- a photo tour of Colorado's mining history
Dechesne, Marieke2012-03, Mar.Complex Uplift History of the Front Range deduced from the Synorogenic sediments in the Denver, Cheyenne, North-Middle and South Park Basins, Colorado
Denning, Scott2017-04, AprilSimple, Serious, and Solvable: The Three S’s of Climate Change
Eberle, Jaelyn J.2008-09, Sept.Paleontology, Paleoecology, and Climate in an Early Eocene, High Arctic Swamp Forest
Evanoff, Emmett2009-04, Apr.Colorado and the Four Great Geological Surveys of 1867-1878
Evanoff, Emmett2010-03, Mar.A Bad Day in the Field: Things To Do and Not To Do During a Field Emergency; A Talk in Honor and Memory of Terry Hiester
Evanoff, Emmett2014-09, Sept.In the Footsteps of the Early Bone Diggers: Locating Historic Photographic Sites in the Bridger Basin of Southwest Wyoming
Fisher, Lisa2011-12, Dec.Tertiary Magmatism and Mineralization in a Complex Tectonic Environment, Southwest Utah — Initial Investigations
Fisher, Thomas R.2016-10, Oct.Climate Change, Part II: Models, Uncertainty, Data, and Predictions – or “Why Climate Models are Like Sausages"
Flowers, Rebecca2012-02, Feb.Unroofing and uplift history of the Grand Canyon region of the Colorado Plateau from apatite (U-Th)/He thermochronometry and future directions in the new (U-Th)/He lab at CU-Boulder
Frothingham, Michael2018-09-1, Sept.The effects of geological structure and clay on landslides in the Teklanika Formation in Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska
Geller, Bruce2014-11, Nov.20 Years After: A Brief Update on the Study of Telluride Minerals and Deposits
Goldfarb, Richard2013-10, Oct.Tectonics and Gold Metallogeny
Gurrola, Larry D.2010-02, Feb.Rincon Mountain Megaslide: La Conchita, Ventura County, California
Hagadorn, James W.2012-04, Apr.What’s New in the Cambrian?
Death of a Megapredator
Hagadorn, James W.2012-04, Apr. Surfing Cambrian Coasts: First Animals on Land
Hagadorn, James W.2016-01, Jan.Colorado’s stratigraphy: eloquent testimony to Earth’s history
Hamilton, Warren2010-04, Apr.Driving Mechanism and 3-D Circulation of Plate Tectonics
Hamilton, Warren2010-04, Apr.Before Plate Tectonics — Earth’s First 4 Billion Years
Hamilton, Warren2012-05, May.Ancient Surface of Venus is Saturated with Impact Structures, and its Lowlands are Covered with Marine Sediments
Holen, Steven R. and Kathleen2014-04, Apr.The Mid-Wisconsin Human Colonization of North America: A Call for Archaeological Investigations in Older Geological Deposits
Hollister, Lincoln2016-04, AprilThe Quest for the Only Known Natural Quasi-crystal
Hurst, Aaron 2018-09-2, Sept.Insight into incipient motion of blocks on a river bed from Computation Fluid Dynamics modeling
Jobe, Dawn2008-11, Nov.High-resolution geo-cellular modeling of Upper Morrow 'A' Sands at Postle Field, Texas County, Oklahoma
Johnson, Elizabeth 'Liz'2018-01, Jan.Fostering Citizen Scientists in the Remote Reaches of Colorado
Johnson, Kirk2011-02, Feb.The Snowmastodon Site: Discovery, Science, and Initial Results
Jones, Daniel2008-11, Nov.A refined interpretation of the Medicine Bow orogeny, southeastern Wyoming: Implications for regional tectonics and crustal growth
Kelley, Shari2015-09, Sept.The development of the Rio Grande rift between 25-10 Ma based on low temperature thermochronology
Kellogg, Karl S.2013-02-1, Feb.The northern Rio Grande rift – new geological studies in the upper Arkansas River valley region, Colorado
Kennett, James P.2010-01, Jan.Environmental and Biotic Consequences of Major Cosmic Impact
over North America 12,900 Years Ago
Krause, David2018-01, Jan.Science With a Social Conscience: A Natural Outgrowth of Fieldwork in Remote Regions of the World
Lauenroth, William K.2008-11, Nov.Soil respiration following pulse precipitation events in a semiarid grassland
Livermore, Jen2018-11, Nov.Geothermal Energy Potential of Colorado
Little, William W.2016-10, Oct.Climate Change, Part I, A Geologist's View
Lufkin, John L.2008-09, Sept.Costa Rica: Geology, Sea Turtles, and Leafcutter Ants
Lundstrom, Scott2014-12, Dec.Continental glaciation: some remarkable impacts on the geomorphic and geologic record
Madole, Rich2009-10, Oct.Pitfalls of Interpreting Quaternary Geologic History from Alluvial Deposits in Piedmont Regions with Special Reference to the Colorado Piedmont
Marchi, Simone2017-11, Nov.Earth’s Earliest Evolution: Fire from above, fire from below
Matthews, Vince2013-02-2, Feb.What Can I Do to Help the Colorado Geological Survey?
Matthews, Vince2019-03, Mar.A Cook's Tour of Colorado's Glacial Landscape
McGuirk, Don2019-02, Feb.Geographies Unrealized, The Story of Four Cartographic Myths of North America
Miller, Gifford2017-01, Jan.An Arctic Perspective on 20th Century Warming
Minor, Scott2010-12, Dec.What’s Up, Down, and Sideways about Fault Slip on the Santa Barbara Coastal Plain and Channel Islands,
Southern California: Tests of Neogene-Quaternary Rotation Model for the Western Transverse Ranges
Modreski, Pete2008-04, Apr.Amazonite-bearing pegmatites in the Pikes Peak batholith, near Harris Park, Park County, Colorado
Modreski, Peter2012-12, Dec.Colorado Pegmatites
Mojzsis, Stephen2016-05, MayOlder than the hills: The ca. 3920-3960 Ma Acasta Gneiss (Northwest Territories, Canada)
Molnar, Peter2008-02, Feb.The gradual closing of the Indonesian Seaway and the onset of northern hemisphere ice ages
Morgan, Matt2008-12, Dec.Non-Terminal Meteorite Impacts: The Case for Studying Small Cratering Events
Morgan, Paul2015-12, Dec.Heat Flow, Then and Now, Here and There
Morman, Suzette2017-10, Oct.Using Geoscience to Augment Environmental Public Health Studies
Multiple2016-09, Sept.Student Presentations Night
Multiple2017-09, Sept.Student Paper Night
Munson, Seth M.2008-11, Nov.Soil respiration following pulse precipitation events in a semiarid grassland
Musiba, Charles2016-03, Mar.New Hominid Discoveries from South Africa, the ‘Cradle of Humankind’: The Anthropological Significance, the Cave Geology, and How Google Earth Contributed to the Discovery
Olsen, Fred2012-01, Jan.Colorado Meteorites and the 2004 Berthoud Meteorite
Paces, James B.2014-02, Feb.Evaluating the History of Vadose-Water Flow Through Yucca Mountain, Nevada, Using Secondary Hydrogenic Minerals - A Case for Slow and Steady
Paschke, Suzanne2013-04, Apr.Simulation and Observations of the Denver Basin Aquifer System
Pfeffer, Tad2014-01, Jan.Correcting Ice Sheet Mass Balance for Refreezing of Infiltrated Surface Melt:  The Forgotten Grand Problem
Piety, Lucille A.2010-09, Sept.Brief Overview of the Quaternary in the Roaring Fork River Valley, Central Colorado
Pigati, Jeff2011-02, Feb.The Snowmastodon Site: Discovery, Science, and Initial Results
Pitlick, John2014-03, Mar.Regional Analysis of Flood Hazards Along the Colorado Front Range
Plant, Tom2009-01, Jan.The Future of Electricity: Future Trends in Electrical Delivery, Demand and Generation Systems
Pratt, Richard M.2008-03, Mar.Glacial Lake Riverton, Wind River Basin, Wyoming
Raynolds, Bob2012-03, Mar.Complex Uplift History of the Front Range deduced from the Synorogenic sediments in the Denver, Cheyenne, North-Middle and South Park Basins, Colorado
Raynolds, Bob2016-01, Jan.Colorado’s stratigraphy: eloquent testimony to Earth’s history
Raynolds, Bob2018-12, Dec.Cities, and a World, at Risk; Using the Planetarium to show the timeline of humanity and challenges facing our civilization
Reed, Jim2015-10, Oct.Field Methods Past and Present
Reheis, Marith2010-11, Nov.Quaternary Life and Times of Pluvial Lake Manix, Mojave Desert, California: Climatic and Geologic Controls on a Desert Lake
Reheis, Marith2017-12, Dec.DUST! Why Should You Care? (the answer is blowing in the wind)
Ridley, John2015-11, Nov.The variability of hydrothermal ore deposits in the North American Cordilleran orogenic belt – insights into metallogeny from ore fluid analysis
Riel-Salvatore, Julien2011-09, Sept.Paleolithic Whodunit! Neanderthals, Homo sapiens and the Human Revolution‚ in Italy
Rosenberry, Donald2013-05, May.Not Just for Scientists Anymore: Societal Relevance of the Connection Between Groundwater and Surface Water
Rue, Garrett2018-09-3, Sept.Seasonality of a Sub-Alpine Lake: Understanding evolving physical and biogeochemical controls on aquatic ecosystem structure under ice cover. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado USA
Ruleman, Cal2017-02, Feb.Landscape Evolution of Colorado; Late Neogene Tectonic and Volcanic Fragmentation and Middle Pleistocene Climate-Driven Drainage Integration of the Southern Rocky Mountains
Sares, Matt2013-12, Dec.Exploring Areas of Natural Acid Rock Drainage in Colorado
Sares, Matt2008-03, Mar.Geothermal Resources of Colorado and the Potential for Electrical Power Generation
Schweig, Eugene (Buddy) 2018-04, Apr.Geological studies at the USGS in Denver: Where are we now and where are we headed?
Sertich, Joe2016-11, Nov.Relict Dinosaurs of Madagascar: New Discoveries from Treasure Island
Sertich, Joe2018-04, Apr.Colorado’s Amazing Dinosaurs: A History of Discoveries from the Centennial State
Sheehan, Anne2015-02, Feb.MOANA and HOBITSS Ocean Bottom Seismic Experiments: Information on Deep Structure, Anisotropy, and Slow Slip beneath New Zealand
Shehan, Anne2010-11, Nov.The EarthScope Rio Grande Rift GPS Experiment: Measuring Active Tectonics in Colorado and New Mexico
Silverman, Matt2016-04, AprilTempest at Teapot Dome, Wyoming: the Greatest Political Scandal in the History of the American Oil Industry
Simmons, Beth2008-10, Oct.The Great CSS Geological Collection
Sloan, Jeff2019-04, Apr.Kilauea’s 2018 Eruption - New methods and perspectives for monitoring volcanic eruptions
Spencer, John2016-02, Feb.The Weird and Wonderful Geology of Pluto and its Moons
Squyres, Steven W.2008-01, Jan.Science Results from the Mars Exploration Rover Mission
Strasser, Thomas F.2011-04 Apr.Crete before the Cretans: Palaeolithic Mariners in the Mediterranean
Sterne, Ned2018-10, Oct.Structural Geology across Colorado
Sweetkind, Don2009-12, Dec.Great Basin geology, hydrology and the Colorado Scientific Society
Tankersley, Kenneth Barnett2013-09, Sept.The Mass Extinction at the End of the Pleistocene; Evaluating Five Theories
Thiry, Christopher J.J.2009-09, Sept.Historic Mining Maps
Wald, David2018-03, Mar.Challenges in Providing Real-time Earthquake Shaking and Impacts Estimates
Waterman, Ed2012-11, Nov.Colorado Plateau Molecules: Chemical Stories from the High Desert
Wawrzyniec, Timothy2011-05 MayLate Mesozoic to Cenozoic Rotation of the Colorado Plateau: Regional analysis of proposed Euler Pole Rotations from modeling and fault kinematic analysis
Wessel, Zachary2010-05, MayStructural Analysis of the Idaho Springs-Ralston Ductile Shear Zone: Reinvestigating Hypotheses of Inheritance from Proterozoic Structures in the Central Front Range of Colorado
Wesson, Rob2018-02, Feb.In the Footsteps of Darwin
Wesson, Rob2018-02, Feb.In the Footsteps of Darwin
White, Jon2013-04-2, Apr.Sinkhole Hazards of Colorado
White, Jonathan L.2015-01, Jan.The May 2014 West Salt Creek landslide in Mesa County, Colorado
Winick, Jeff2018-11, Nov.Geothermal Energy
Wolton, Laura2012-02, Feb.My adventure to the Driest, Coldest, and Windiest place on Earth<
Yeck, Will2017-03, Mar.The Far-Reaching Effects of Wastewater Injection: Recent Case Studies of Anthropogenic Earthquakes
Young, Matt2011-05, MayEvolution Confers Morality
Zeeck, Lauren2018-09-4, Sept.The role of flashing in the formation of high-grade, low-sulfidation epithermal deposits: a case study from the Omu Camp in Hokkaido, Japan