CSS Proceedings, Volume 2, 1885-1887

Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society
Volume II
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ContentsAuthor(s)Volume and Pages
Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society Volume 2 Title PageVol_2, m0
Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society, Volume 2, Part 1, 1885Vol_2, m1
Proceedings of the CSS, Volume 2, Table of Contents (Published with Vol 2, Part 3)Vol_2, m3-4
Abstract of Minutes of the Colorado Scientific Society for the Year 1885Vol_2, m5-14
Meeting of January 7, 1885
Address of the Retiring President
Pearce, RichardVol_2, 1-6
Meeting of February 2, 1885
Certain Interesting Crystalline Alloys
Pearce, RichardVol_2, 7-11
Meeting of March 2nd, 1885Vol_2, 12
Meeting of June 1st, 1885
"Notes on the Occurrence of Goslarite in the Gagnon Mine, Butte City"
Pearce, RichardVol_2, 12-13
Meteoric Iron from New MexicoEakins, L. G.Vol_2, 14
Some Experiments on the Quantitative Efficiency of the Marsh-Berzelius Method for the Detection of ArsenicHeadden, W. P.
Sadtler, B. Jr.
Vol_2, 15-19
Emmonsite, a Ferric Tellurite
Hillebrand, W. F.Vol_2, 20-23
Meeting of July 6th, 1885
Notes on Some Further Investigations on the Formation of Crystalline Alloys
Pearce, RichardVol_2, 24-25
Meeting of November 2nd, 1885
Remarks on the Occurrence of Coal in the Carboniferous Formation at Aspen and Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Hills, R. C.Vol_2, 25-26
Description of an Asphalt-like Mineral from Asphalt Wash, UtahHills, R. C.Vol_2, 27-28
Notes on a Trip to Telluride, San Mignel County, Colorado[abstract]van Diest, P. H.Vol_2, 28-31
Note on ColumbiteHeadon, William P.Vol_2, 31
Meeting of December 7th, 1885
On Allanite and Gadolinite
Eakins, L. G.Vol_2, 32-35
Meteoric Iron from Glorieta Mountain, New MexicoCross, WhitmanVol_2, 35-36
Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society, Volume 2, Part II, 1886
Vol_2, m14a
Colorado Scientific Society Officers in 1886
Vol_2, m14b
Abstract of Minutes of Colorado Scientific for the Year 1886Vol_2, m15-24
Abstract of the Minutes of the Colorado Scientific Society for the Year 1887Vol_2, m25-32
Addresses, Communications and Discussions
Meeting of January 4th, 1886
Address of Retiring Vice-President
van Diest, P. H.Vol_2, 32-44
Meeting of February 1, 1886
Notes on the Precipitation of Titanic_Acid by Hydric Sulphide
Headon, William P.Vol_2, 45-49
Meeting of March 1st, 1886
Notes on Some Boulder County Veins
van Diest, P. H.Vol_2, 50-55
Notes on the Artesian Wells of Denver
Slack, Charles G.Vol_2, 56-60
On the Occurrence of Topaz and Garnet in Lithophyses of RhyoliteCross, WhitmanVol_2, 61-70
Note on what appears to be a New Mineral from the Gagnon Mine, Butte, MontanaPearce, RichardVol_2, 70
Meeting of May 3d, 1886
On Ptilolite, a New Mineral
Cross, Whitman
Eakins, L. G.
Vol_2, 71-76
Meeting of June 7th, 1886
A Modification of Berthier's Method for the Assay of Fuels; and its Application to the Technical Determination of the Heating Power of Bituminous Coals
Hills, R. C.Vol_2, 77-84
Meeting of October 3d, 1886
Notes on Some Colorado Ore-Deposits
Emmons, Samuel F.Vol_2, 85-105
Notes on the Recent Discovery of Natural Gas in Pitkin County, ColoradoHills, R. C.Vol_2, 106-107
Notes on the Crystal Beds of Topaz ButteSmith, Walter B.Vol_2, 108-115
The Cimarron Land-slide, July, 1886Cross, WhitmanVol_2, 116-126
Meeting of November 1st, 1886
Circulation of Water through the Strata of the Upper Cretaceous Coal Measure of Gunnison County, Colorado
Hills, R. C.Vol_2, 127-133
Notes on a New Occurrence of Copper Arsenates and Associated Minerals, in UtahPearce, RichardVol_2, 134-137
Meeting of December 6th, 1886
Notes on Aqua-marines from Mount Antero, Colo
Cross, R. T.Vol_2, 138-140
Phenacite from ColoradoPenfield, Samuel L.Vol_2, 141-146
The Elk Head Anthracite Coal Field of Routt County, ColoradoChisolm, Frederic F.Vol_2, 147-149
Additional Notes on Copper Arsenates and Associated Minerals, in UtahPearce, RichardVol_2, 150-153
Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society, Volume 2, Part III, 1887
Abstract of Minutes of the Colorado Scientific Society for the Year 1887Vol_2, m33-37
Abstract of Minutes of the Colorado Scientific Society for the January 1888Vol_2, m38-44
Address, Communications and Discussions
Meeting of February 7th, 1887.
Mineralogical Notes, No I
Smith, Walter B.Vol_2, 155-160
Meeting of April 4th, 1887
Mineralogical Notes, No II
Smith, Walter B.Vol_2, 161-166
Cliff Dwellings and Ancient PueblosJackson, W. H.Vol_2, 166
Meeting of May 2d, 1887.
Note on Phonolite from Colorado
Cross, WhitmanVol_2, 167-170
Note on Slipping-planes and Lamellar Twinning in GalenaCross, WhitmanVol_2, 171-174
Mineralogical Notes, No IIISmith, Walter B.Vol_2, 175-179
Notes on PharmacosideritePearce, RichardVol_2, 180-181
Meeting of June 6th, 1887
Paramorphic Origin of Certain Minerals
Cross, WhitmanVol_2, 182-183
Infusorial Earth in West DenverHeadden, William P.Vol_2, 183
Meeting of July 1st, 1887
Palaeontological Notes
Stanton, T. W.Vol_2, 184-187
Coal Field in the Elk Head Mts - Update, no economic valueChisolm, Frederic F.Vol_2, 187
Meeting of October 17th, 1887
Supposed Mixture of Bornite and Stromeyerite
Pearce, RichardVol_2, 188
On the Origin of Fissure_VeinsEmmons, Samuel F.Vol_2, 189-208
A Method for Determining Zinc in OresHeadden, William P.Vol_2, 209-210
Natural Gas in Boulder Countyvan Diest, P. H.Vol_2, 210
Meeting of November 7th, 1887.
On Glaciers in the Rocky Mountains
Emmons, Samuel F.Vol_2, 211-227
Meeting of December 5th, 1887.
On Some Eruptive Rocks from Custer County, Colorado
Cross, WhitmanVol_2, 228-250
Preliminary Notes on Aspen, Colo (3.1 MB)Emmons, Samuel F.Vol_2, 251-277
Meeting of January 2d, 1888.
Address of the Retiring President
van Diest, P. H.Vol_2, 278-285