CSS Proceedings, Vol 3, 1888-1890 – Table of Contents

Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society
Volume III

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Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society, Vol. III, Part I, 1888
Contents of Volume III.
Title page, Volume III, 1888.
Abstract of Minutes of the Colorado Scientific Society for the year 1888v - xiv
Communications and Address
Meeting of January 2nd, 1888.
Notes on Certain Rare Copper Minerals from Utah., by W. F. Hillebrand and H. S. Washington
A Modified Method of Determining Zinc, by Wm. P. Headden17-18
Meeting of February 6th, 1888.
Colorado Volcanic Craters, by P. H. van Diest
Preliminary Notes on the Eruptions of the Spanish Peaks Region, by R. C. Hills.24-34
Furnace Products (Richard Pearce)35
Meeting of March 5th, 1888.
Notes on Some Unusual Occurrence of Galena Crystals, by F. F. Chisolm
Mineralogical Notes by W. F. Hillebrand38-47
Meeting of May 7th, 1888.
The Quaternary of the Denver Basin, by Geo L. Cannon, Jr.
The Genesis of Ore Deposits, by Richard Pearce71-72
Meeting of June 4th, 1888.
Two Sulphantimonites from Colorado, by L. G. Eakins
Notes on the Ore Occurrence of the Red Mountain District., by T. E. Schwarz77-85
Meeting of July 2nd, 1888.
On some Stratigraphical and Structural Features of the Country About Denver, Colorado., by George H. Eldridge
The Denver Tertiary Formation., by Whitman Cross119-133
Determination of Silicic Acid by Converting it into Silicic Fluoride by Wm. P. Headden.134-135
Meeting of October 1st, 1888.
On the Determination of Iron and Copper in Ores and Furnace Products., by F. Guiterman
On the Tertiary Dinosauria Found in Denver Beds., by Geo. L. Cannon, Jr.140-147
Meeting of December 3rd, 1888.
The Recently Discovered Tertiary Beds of the Huerfano River Basin, Colorado., by R. C. Hills
Annual Meeting December 17th, 1888.
Address of the Retiring President, R. C. Hills.
Obituary. Samuel Fowler Rouse, M. D., Died February 5th, 1888185
Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society, Vol. III, Part II. 1889
Abstract of Minutes of the Colorado Scientific Society for the Year 1889xv-xx
Abstract of Minutes of the Colorado Scientific Society for the Year 1890xxi-xxiv
Communications and Addresses
Meeting of January 7th, 1889.
Remarks on the Plication of the Coal Measures in Southeastern Colorado and Northeastern New Mexico, by P. H. van Diest
Informal Notes190
Meeting of February 4th, 1889.
Etched Beryls from Mount Antero, Colorado, by R. C. Hills
Meeting of March 4th, 1889.
Analyses of Three Descloizites from New Localities., by W. F. Hillebrand.
Notes on the Aboriginal Remains, near Denver, Colorado., by Geo. L. Cannon, Jr.200-204
Meeting of April 1st, 1889.
The Plasticity of Glacier Ice., by John F. Main.
Informal Notes210
Meeting of May 6th, 1889.
Stereo-Chemistry., by Charles S. Palmer
Informal Notes215
Meeting of July 1st, 1889.
Informal Notes
Meeting of October 7th, 1889.
Additional Notes on the Huerfano Beds., by R. C. Hills.
Additional Notes on the Eruptions of the Spanish Peaks Region. by R. C. Hills.224-227
Notes on the Occurrence of Sesquisulphate of Iron in New Mexico., by Richard Pearce.228
Sublimed Tellurium., by Richard Pearce.229
Meeting of November 3d, 1889.
A Preliminary Paper on the Eruptive Rocks of Boulder County and Adjoining Counties, Colorado., by Charles S. Palmer.
Address of the Retiring President. Richard Pearce.237-244
Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society, Vol. III, Part III. 1890
Abstract of Minutes of the Colorado Scientific Society, for the year 1890.xxvii-xxxvi
Communications and Addresses.
Meeting of January 6th, 1890.
Production of Carbonate of Soda from the Alkaline Waters of Owen's Lake., by Ernest Le Neve Foster.
Identification of a Dinosaur from the Denver Group., by Geo. L. Cannon, Jr.253-254
Meeting of February 3d, 1890.
On a Remarkable Crystalline Compound of Arsenious and Sulphuric Acids., by Richard Pearce.
Meeting of April 7th, 1890.
Informal Communications.
Meeting of May 5th, 1890.
Informal Communication.
Meeting of June 2d, 1890.
Iron-ore Beds at the Province of Santiago, Cuba., by F. F. Chisholm.
Gold Deposits in the Quartzite Formation of Battle Mountain, Colorado., by F. Guiterman.264-268
Meeting of July 7th., 1890. (Georgetown Meeting.)
Geology of the Rosita Hills, Custer Co., Colorado., by Whitman Cross.
Fulgurite from the Spanish Peaks., by R. C. Hills.280-286
Meeting of August 4th, 1890. (Boulder Meeting.)
The Nature of the Chemical Elements., by Charles Skeele Palmer.
Notes on the Geology of Perry Park, Colorado., by Prof. George L. Cannon, Jr.308-315
A Boulder County Mine., by John B. Farish.316-322
Columbite and Tantalite from the Black Hills of South Dakota., by Dr. W. P. Headden.323-346
Meeting of November 3d., 1890.
Notes upon the History of the Discovery and Occurrence of Tin Ore in the Black Hills., South Dakota., by Dr. Wm. P. Headden.
Meeting of December 1st, 1890.
The Quartz-Porphyry of Flag-staff Hill, Boulder, Col., by Chas. S. Palmer and Henry Fulton.
Address of the Retiring President. R. C. Hills.359-458