CSS Proceedings

Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society

The Proceedings record our meetings and papers from December, 1882 and is a window into Colorado when mining was king. They are also a repository for USGS preliminary papers from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.
“During the period 1929-53, publication of the Proceedings was partly supported by the Colorado Metal Mining Fund. This fund, financed by the mining companies, had been established to provide industry support for the cooperative mapping program between Colorado and the U.S. Geological Survey.” (1)
“Volumes 12 through 17, which cover the period from 1929 through 1956, consist almost entirely of preliminary reports on U.S. Geological Survey work. Most of these were superseded, but some were never followed up by final reports, hence remain as the last published word on certain areas or subjects.”(2)

(1) History of the Colorado Scientific Society 1882-2002 by Edwin B. Eckel et. al., page 28
(2) Ibid, page 29

These Volumes of the Proceedings are available:

CSS Proceedings, Vol 1, 1882-1884

CSS Proceedings, Vol 2, 1885-1887

CSS Proceedings, Vol 3, 1888-1890 – only Table of Contents


CSS Proceedings, Vol 8 – some papers


CSS Proceedings Vol 15, 1946-1952


CSS Proceedings Volume 17, 1954-1956

Proceedings of the CSS – Extra Copies of Papers for sale

After scanning and organizing the Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society, Beth Simmons saved two copies of each volume for the CSS archives. We are offering extra copies of papers for sale. To order copies, email Beth Simmons at cloverknoll@comcast.net to make arrangements. Cash/check only. The following PDF has details about the papers available:
Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society, papers for sale