Proceedings of the CSS, Volume 1, 1883-1884

Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society
Volume I, 1883-1884
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Proceedings of the CSS, Vol 1, 1883-1884 - Table of Contents

Title and contentsAuthor(s)Volume and Pages
Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society, Volume I, 1883-1884, cover pageVol_1, I
Officers in 1883 and 1884 and List of Members in Jan. 1885
Vol_1, II - V
Constitution and By-LawsVol_1, VI - X
Abstracts of Meeting Minutes for the Colorado Scientific Society, 1882-1884Vol_1, XI - XXVIII
Meeting of January 2d, 1883Vol_1, 1
Address of the President, S. F. EmmonsEmmons, Samuel F.Vol_1, 1-12
Formation of Hills by Mineral Springs on the Island of JavaVan Diest, Peter H.Vol_1, 12-13
Meeting of February 5th, 1883Vol_1, 14
On the Estimation of ArsenicPearce, RichardVol_1, 14-17
Technical Estimation of Copper
Gold Sand from the Snake River is first discussed at the end (page 20). Cross examines it in March (page 36) and again in May (page 38).
Low, A. H.Vol_1, 17-20
Meeting of March 5th, 1883.Vol_1, 20
Ore Deposits of Summit District, Rio Grande County, ColoradoHills, Richard C.Vol_1, 20-36
Gold Sand from Snake River, Idaho Territory
Introduced at the February meeting (page 20), zircon is found in May (page 38).
Cross, WhitmanVol_1, 36-37
Meeting of April 2nd, 1883.
On a variety of Löllingite containing cobalt and nickel by W. F. Hillebrand [title only]
Vol_1, 37
Some remarks upon the Geology of Sumatra and the manner of conducting Mining Operations there two hundred and fifty years agoVan Diest, Peter H.Vol_1, 38
Meeting of May 5th, 1883.Vol_1, 38-39
Zircon in Gold Sand from the Snake River, Cross
Gold Sand from the Snake River was discussed in February (page 20). Cross examined it in March (page 36).
Cross, WhitmanVol_1, 38
Meeting of June 4th, 1883.
Dinosaurs by Lakes, Smelting Tin by Chinese by van_Diest, Tin in Cornwall, England by Pearce
Vol_1, 39
Meeting of October 1st, 1883.
Extinct Glaciers of the San Juan Mountains, Colorado
Hills, Richard C.Vol_1, 39-46
Meeting of Nov. 5th, 1883.
Eruption of the Volcano Krakatoa, Straits of Sunda, by Mr. van Diest [title only]
Vol_1, 46
Meeting of Dec. 3d, 1883.
On an interesting variety of Lollingite and other Minerals
Hillebrand, William F.Vol_1, 46-57
Meeting of Jan. 7th, 1884
Address of the Retiring President, S. F. Emmons
Emmons, Samuel F.Vol_1, 57-61
On the Estimation of the Capital requisite for Investment in Mining PropertiesVan Diest, Peter H.Vol_1, 61-67
Meeting of Feb. 4th, 1884Vol_1, 67-68
Meeting of April 7th, 1884
New Apparatus for the Estimation of Copper
Low, A. H.Vol_1, 68-73
Notes on a Sulpho-BismuthiteFoster, Ernest LeNeveVol_1, 73-74
Meeting of May 5th, 1884
May 5, 1884
The proposed inland Sea of Africa, by Mr. van Diest
Red Sunsets by Mr. Cross
Vol_1, 75
Meeting of June 2nd, 1884.
The Artesian Wells of Denver. A Report by a special committee of the Colorado Scientific Society (4 MB)
Section I. Geological Relations by Whitman Cross
Section II. Data concerning the Denver Wells by Frederic F. Chisholm
Section III. Chemistry of the Wells by Regis Chauvenet
Section IV. General Information by P. H. van Diest
Cross, Whitman
Chisolm, Frederic F.
Chauvenet, Regis
Van Diest, P. H
Vol_1, 76-108
Meeting of July 7th, 1884.
Building Stones of Colorado
Van Diest, Peter HVol_1, 109-110
Meeting of October 6th, 1884Vol_1, 110
Meeting of November 3rd, 1884Vol_1, 111-112
Meeting of Dec. 1st, 1884
On an Association of Rare Minerals from Utah
Hillebrand, William F.Vol_1, 112-123
On Zunyite and Guitermanite, two new Minerals from Colorado, by W. F. HillebrandHillebrand, William F.Vol_1, 124-132
A Vein of Pyrite in CaliforniaPearce, RichardVol_1, 133
A List of Specially Noteworthy Minerals of ColoradoCross, WhitmanVol_1, 134-144
IndexVol_1, end
Summit District, Plates I & IIVol_1, appended

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