Officers/Committee Members/Councilors

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Executive Committee

President-Elect – Jim Paces
US Geological Survey

President – Tom Casadevall
US Geological Survey, Emeritus

Tom Casadevall

Past President – Bob Raynolds
Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Secretary – Lisa Fisher
Escalante Mines Inc.
office: 303-215-0480
cell: 303-478-9427

Treasurer – Don Sweetkind
US Geological Survey


2017-2019:  Jim Reed,
2017-2019:  Chris Morrison,
2018-2020: Matt Rhoades,
2018-2020: Pete Modreski,
2019-2021:  Linda Barton Cronoble,
2019-2021:  Yvette Kuiper,

Committee Chairpersons

Newsletter Editor   
Pete Modreski

Field Trip Chair
Cal Ruleman

History Chair
Beth Simmons

Hospitality Chair

Outreach Chair

Membership Chair
Bob Raynolds

Publicity Chair   

Student Research Grants Chair
Bob Raynolds

Student Programs Chair     
Melissa Foster

Past Presidents’ Best Paper Award Chair
Bob Raynolds

Database Manager
Paul Morgan

State Science Fair
Chuck Weisenberg

Chris Morrison

GSA Meeting Co-chairs
Lisa Fisher and Libby Prueher

Past Presidents of the Colorado Scientific Society

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