Past Field Trips

2018 Upper Arkansas Valley, discussing the Poncha Block
Upper Arkansas Valley 2018, discussing the Poncha Block

The Colorado Scientific Society usually has Spring and Fall field trips. Here are trip guides, maps and pictures from past field trips. The most recent field trips are listed first.

The field trip guides for some field trip’s can be downloaded, usually as PDFs. The size of files larger than 3 MB is called out in the link, e.g. “Quaternary San Luis Basin, Ancient Lake Alamosa, 2007 (PDF 4.6 MB)”. In most documents, of the text is

Field trips are grouped by decade, with the most recent first. Some field trips with many pictures and maps have their own pages.

2010-2018 Field Trips

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2000-2009 Field Trips

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Discussing pre-Bull Lake outwash gravels
Pre-Bull Lake outwash gravels

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Note: This is a partial index, including field trips from 2005-present.  There are only entries where we have field trip guides, pictures, or other details.  Additional field trips are being added.

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Past Colorado Scientific Society Field Trips

Name of Field TripLeadersYear-Month and name linkOther Keywords
Geology of Western Margin of the Denver BasinMark Mitchell, Jason McGraw, Donna Anderson, David Lindsey2019-May, Denver Basin GeologyMagic Mountain Paleo-Indian, Chieftain Mine, brick, Loveland Mine, White Ash Mine, Golden, Clear Creek, Pleistocene alluvial terraces
Geology of the Upper Arkansas ValleyKarl Kellogg, Cal Ruleman, Scott Minor2018-Sept, Upper Arkansas ValleyNorthern Rio Grande Rift, Laramide Orogeny, magmatism, tectonism, sedimentation, Glacial outwash floods, minerals, silver, gold, molybedenum, landslide
Front Range Geomorphology and Mysterious Gravel DepositsCal Ruleman, Bob Raynolds, Beth Simmons2018- April, Front Range Pleistocene Geomorphology and Mysterious Gravel DepositsPleistocene Glaciation, Eocene Rocky Mountain erosional surface, Central City Gravel, Idaho Springs, Pinedale moraines, Clear Creek, Bear Creek
Flat Tops/White River PlateauLinda Soar, James Hagadorn2017-August, Flat Tops - White River PlateauDevonian, Paleozoic section, glacial history, Bison Lake, Crane Park Quary, Dyer Formation, vertebrate teeth
Geologic Wonders of the Hart(sel) of South ParkPeter Barkmann2017-June, Geologic Wonders of the Hartsel of South ParkHartsel, Garo Sandstone, South park Formation, Neogene from compression to extension, Pleistocene glacial outwash
Colorado’s Permian-Triassic: the Lykins FormationJames Hagadorn2016-August, Colorado's Permian Triassic - The Lykins Formationgypsum, Jelm
Basement hosted sandstone dikes of the Colorado Front Range
(Tava sandstone)
Christine Smith Siddoway, Scott Lundstrom2016-June, Basement hosted sandstone dikes of the Front RangePrecambrian sandstone dikes, Neoproterozoic
New discoveries of dinosaur tracks and markings at Dinosaur RidgeMartin Lockley
2016-June, New Dinosaur tracks and markingsdinosaur mating scrapes
Middle to Late Cenozoic Geology and Geomorphology of the Laramie Mountains, WyomingEmmett Evanoff2015-Sept, Cenozoic Geology of Laramie Mtns, WyomingGangplank, Sherman Surface, Chugwater Creek, Hartville Uplift, White River formation, paleovalley
Boulder Floods of September 11-15, 2013 and Impact on the LandscapeRich Madole, Peter Birkeland, Sheila Murphy, Jonathan Godt, Dave Sutherland2014-Sept, Boulder Floods of Sept-2013 and Impact on the Landscape, CSS field tripFourmile Canyon Creek, Bear Canyon Creek
Green Mountain kimberlite pipe, Boulder ColoradoPete Modreski2013-July, Green Mountain kimberlite pipe, Boulder, CO
Catastrophic Glacial Outburst Floods on the Upper Arkansas RiverKeenan Lee, Cal Ruleman2012-Sept, Glacial Outburst Floods on Upper ArkansasLake Creek glacier, Clear Creek glacier, Pine Creek glacier, ice dam,
Pegmatites near Harris Park, COPete Modreski2012-July, Harris Park pegmatitesFamily friendly, mineral, gem, quartz crystals, Pegmatite Points,
Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad Geology Train Excursion2012-June, Cumbres and Toltec Geology TrainNarrow-gauge railway
Late Cenozoic Evolution of the Colorado Rockies; Evidence for Neogene Uplift and Drainage Integration and New Insights into the
Cambrian-Devonian Depositional Systems and Paleoenvironments of Western North America
Andres Aslan, Paul Myrow2011-May, Late Cenozoic evolution of Colorado RockiesGlenwood Canyon, Colorado River, Lava Creek B
Geology and Mining History of the Western San Juan MountainsGeorge MooreFT_2011-Sept-Oct, Geology of the Western San Juansmining history, Silverton, Ouray, Red Mountain, Animas Forks
Aspen region, Grand Loop Field Trip—A Tribute to Bruce Bryant2010-Sept, Grand Loop Field TripGlenwood Springs, Aspen, Independence Pass, Upper Arkansas Valley, Maroon Bells, Roaring Fork Valley, Grizzly Peak caldera
Victor Mine and Front Range GeologyTim Brown2009-May, Victor Mine Tour and Front Range GeologyCripple Creek, gold, open pit mine, heap leaching
Northern Never Summer Range volcanic field - The search for Braddock's CalderaEd Larson, Jim Cole, Karl Kellogg, Lang Farmer2008-Sept, Northern Never Summer volcanic field - The Search for Braddocks CalderaNever Summer Mountains, Cache la Poudre River paleovalley, Bill Braddock, mid-Tertiary gravels, pal
Quaternary Geology of the San Luis Basin near Alamosa, Colorado with Ancient Lake AlamosaMichael Machette2007-June, Quaternary of San Luis Basin with Lake Alamosa Sangre de Cristo fault zone, Mesita Volcano
South Platte Country, White Cloud Pegmatite, Buffalo Creek Fire and floodPete Modreski2005-June, South Platte Country - White Cloud Pegmatite, Buffalo Creek Fire and floodSouth Platte River, Pikes Peak Granite, Spring Creek
Volcanic and Plutonic rocks of Table MountainHarald Drewes2005-April, Volcanic and Plutonic rocks of Table Mountainshoshonite, Golden, Ralston dikes
Black Hills and Badlands, South DakotaEmmett Evanoff, John Lufkin, Jack Redden, Alvis Lisenbee 2004-Sept, Black Hills and Badlands, South Dakotapegmatites, Tertiary White River
Proterozoic Accretionary Terrane of the Central Colorado Front RangeLisa Fisher, Thomas Fisher2004-Aug, Proterozoic Accretionary Terrane of the Central Colorado Front Range
The Colorado Front Range, Anatomy of a Laramide UpliftKarl Kellogg, Bruce Bryant, John C. Reed, Jr.2004-May, Colorado Front Range, Anatomy of a Laramide Uplift
Laramide and Precambrian Geology and Tectonics of the Central Front Range Robert Weimer, Lisa Lytle, Thomas Davis, Thomas Fisher2004-April, Laramide and Precambrian Geology and Tectonics of the Central Front Range
Northern San Juan Volcanic FieldPeter Lipman2003-Sept, Northern San Juan Volcanic FieldCochetepa Park, Creede, La Garita, Lake City, San Luis, caldera, Fish Canyon Tuff,
Pawnee ButtesEmmett Evanoff2003-Spring, Pawnee ButtesBones Galore, Ogallala