Research Grants Awarded for Year 2000

The Colorado Scientific Society Memorial Funds Committee, consisting of Chuck Pillmore, (Chair), Bob Fleming (2000-2001), Scott Lundstrom (2000-2001), Jack Reed (1999-2000) and Chuck Robinson (1999-2000) met April 26, 1999 to evaluate student research proposals. Proposals from 32 Ph.D. and M.S. candidates from various universities throughout the United States were submitted. The total of 32 for 2000 was a significant decrease from last year’s 45 proposals.

Twelve awards totaling $9,610 were awarded from the Tweto, Oriel, Eckel, Snyder and Pierce Funds. These included: four awards from the Tweto Fund for research in the central and southern Rocky Mountains; three awards from the Oriel Fund for research in structural geology in the northern Rocky Mountains; two awards from the Eckel Fund for research in engineering geology; one award from the Pierce Fund for research on the Heart Mountain detachment; and two awards from the Snyder Fund for Precambrian research in the Rocky Mountains. We are confident that these 12 funded research grants are of the highest quality and fulfill the intentions of the many donors to the Colorado Scientific Society Memorial Funds.

Ogden Tweto Memorial Fund

Jake Armour– $600, M.S., University of New Mexico, “Existence and potential controls on a Late Holocene (neoglacial) advance in the southern Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico”

Timothy Farnham– $500, M.S., University of Colorado at Boulder, “Geochemical and sedimentological variability of a paleosol sequence at the Paleocene—Eocene transition in the Denver Basin”

Annie McCoy– $710, M.S., University of New Mexico, “Deciphering the tectonic history and importance of the Colorado Mineral Belt”

Margaret E. McMillan– $900, Ph.D. University of Wyoming, “Late Cenozoic exhumation of the central Rocky Mountains” (second year funding)

Steven S. Oriel Memorial Fund

Amanda DiUlio– $900, M.S., Colorado State University, “Regional thrust kinematics in west-central Wyoming and the origin of Jonah Field”

Shelley Judge– $1,000, Ph.D., Ohio State University, “Structural analysis of the Wasatch Monocline, central Utah” (second year funding)

Malka Machlus– $1,000, Ph.D. , Columbia University, New York, “Orbital forcing of Eocene climate—a field study of he Green River Formation, the Green River Basin, Wyoming”

Edwin B. Eckel Memorial Fund

Melissa Crane– $900, M.S., University of Colorado at Denver, “A geographic information systems analysis of rockfall hazards in Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado”.

Cal Ruleman– $650, M.S., Montana State University, “Late Quaternary slip rates on range-bounding normal faults, North Arm of the Yellowstone Tectonic Parabola, Southwest Montana”

Bill Pierce-Heart Mountain Memorial Fund

Thomas A. Douglas– $1,200, Ph.D., Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, “Mineralization at the New World, Horseshoe, and Sunlight mines, Montana: relating hydrothermal fluids with Heart Mountain faulting”

George Snyder Memorial Fund

Stephen T. Allard– $650, Ph.D., University of Wyoming, “Mid-crustal response to Proterozoic arc-continent collision, central Laramie Mountains, southeastern Wyoming”

Benjamin Fruchey– $600, M.S., University of Wyoming, “Constraints on the Archean Evolution of the Wyoming craton: U/Pb geochronological and structural study of the Rattlesnake Hills, central Wyoming”