Symposia by CSS

These are some of the recent symposia presented by the Colorado Scientific Society.

Family Tree of Soil Geomorphology – Work in the Colorado Front Range and Adjacent Piedmont

Family Tree of USGS Soil Geomorphology (6.3 MB)

October 2009; An Evening to Honor Glenn Scott
Peter Birkeland, Emeritus, University of Colorado

The Colorado Scientific Society sponsored an evening and a Field Trip, honoring the work of Glen Scott of the USGS.
This is the paper presented at the evening meeting.

Abstract: The history of USGS soil-geomorphic work in the area starts with the Military Geology Unit of the USGS in WWII. Charles Hunt, Roger Morrison, and Gerald Richmond came out of the unit with an appreciation for the use of soils in surficial mapping. Glenn Scott and many others used soils to aid in the mapping of surficial deposits in piedmont quadrangles. But it was Scott who formalized the stratigraphic units and related them to major climatic change, and whether or not the source watersheds were glaciated. This was one of the first uses of soils to estimate ages of alluvium and for unit correlation. Subsequently, Morrison and Richmond led a long effort to allow soils in the stratigraphic code. Dwight Crandell introduced me to soils in the 1960s, and this eventually led to a separate CU branch of the family tree. Because of all of this high-quality work, we have as good an idea of soil-geomorphic relations there as in any mountain-plains transect. More recently, soils have been used to estimate erosion rates on Scott’s Tertiary erosion surface west of Boulder, and when compared to canyon incision rates, relief could be increasing. For the future, this work and that of other USGS soil-geomorphologists nationwide has demonstrated that soils should be an important component of many USGS projects (surficial mapping, investigating paleoclimate, earth surface processes, etc.) across the United States.

The Volcanoes of Colorado

Colorado Scientific Society Symposium in honor of Thomas A. Steven
On: Saturday, May 19, 2007
At: University of Northern Colorado campus in Greeley
Topics: All aspects of the volcanic history of Colorado On May 19, 2007, the Colorado Scientific Society sponsored a one-day symposium on the volcanic geology of Colorado. The symposium was dedicated to Tom Steven, USGS retired, whose work provided the foundation of our understanding of Colorado’s volcanic history.
The Volcanoes of Colorado – Abstracts of papers presented

Symposium on the Geology of the Front Range (5.3 MB)

Symposium in honor of William A. Braddock
April 3 and 4, 2004, in Benson Earth Sciences Building, University of Colorado, Boulder
Co-sponsored by Colorado Scientific Society, University of Colorado at Boulder, and Colorado Geologic Survey