Upcoming Field Trips

CSS Flat Tops/White River Plateau Field Trip,
August 26-27, 2017

Led by James Hagadorn, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Emphasizing the Devonian in Colorado and its extinction events. We will join Dr. James Hagadorn for a tour of the Paleozoic section exposed on the Flat Tops.  Other topics (such as glacial history, incision of Colorado River) TBD depending on attendees and their interests.

Options for lodging on Saturday night include camping or staying in a hotel/motel.  If interested in attending please contact either Marith Reheis (marith16@gmail.com, 303-277-1843, or Cal Ruleman (cruleman@usgs.gov, 303-236-7804) to get your name on the list of attendees. The registration fee of $25 will cover daytime drinks and snacks. Motel costs or camping fee are the individual’s responsibility. Please let us know if you need help with carpooling.


Sat Aug 25:  Drive to Flat Tops and camp with us at the White Owl Campground, or spend night in Eagle/Glenwood at a motel of your choosing. If there is an afternoon field trip stop we will send further details as we know them.

The White Owl Campground is on top of the Flat Tops at 10,680 feet.  See the Forest Service White Owl Campground  for details. It is accessed via the Coffee Pot Road, aka. the Deep Creek Road, which starts just north of Dotsero.   The White Owl quicksheet can be printed. A campsite is $6 per night.

Sun Aug 26:  Participants make their way to Bison Lake in the Flat Tops, with arrival at approximately 9 am.

Stop 1: Bison Lake Section – Spend morning examining the Dyer Formation facies and fossils at Bison Lake, including examination of its contacts with the underlying Parting Sandstone and the overlying Leadville Limestone, and the end-Famennian extinction interval.  Fossil and rock collecting is permitted.  Eat lunch either at Bison Lake or at Crane Park Quarry.

Stop 2: Crane Park Quarry – Early afternoon – examine the Gooey Lagoon & discuss its origin. Optional side trips, all of which are within short walking distance, include examination of vertebrate teeth-bearing lags, as well as the knobbly-bedded facies of the Dyer exposed at Crane Park Quarry.

Head for home. You may want to consider another night in the area, rather than venture into the Denver-bound traffic on Sunday afternoon!

Follow this link for an interactive Forest Service map that covers the Flat Tops.
You can open and print this August field trip  DF for reference.